News of Bitmain's new Antminer, the S19 XP 140 th/s, has made its way around the world after rumors were confirmed to be true at the World Digital Mining Summit 2021 held in Dubai on November 9th and 10th of 2021. The new ASIC dubbed the S19XP is a big improvement in power and efficiency based on the previous S19 models and other branded ASIC’s. We’re seeing a nearly 30% increase in hash power from the S19Pro and a drop in electrical requirements too. When it comes to energy efficiency, the S19XP outperforms Bitmain's previous Asic’s by a large margin, sitting at 21.5 joules per tera hash. This may come down to Bitmain’s decision to use 5nm chips instead of the traditional 7nm chips. NM stands for nanometers and although a jump from 7 to 2 might not seem large but really it adds up to about 1.5-2x the transistors which is a huge increase for speed and a decrease in power consumption based on the size of the transistor itself becoming smaller. Bitmain has opened up pre-orders for their new miners, due to be launched in the third quarter of 2022, but regular Joe miners won’t find them online. Usually, companies like Bitmain will open up first to the top mining companies, such as BitNile, who have apparently secured units already for their environmentally-friendly push towards becoming one of the world’s largest digital mining companies.

Exactly how many S19XP’s will be released at launch next year is uncertain. China’s recent crackdown on cryptocurrency has been an issue for Bitmain who now have to rely on their factories in Indonesia and Singapore for production. This and the global shortage of semiconductors could make the new Antminer extremely difficult to find, simply because there won’t be enough of them to make it to the public market after mass shipments to large-scale mining companies.

The S19XP is set to cost around $10,500 (USD) initially, but expectations are that the price will soar when they eventually make it to market. Whatever happens, this is a continuous move upward and onward from the cryptocurrency mining industry.